2015 CERN - Latin-American School of High-Energy Physics

The school will be held in Ibarra, Ecuador from 4 to 17 March 2015. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO 21 NOVEMBER 2014. The lectures will cover a broad range of HEP topics at a level suitable for students working for a PhD in experimental particle physics (although MSc students and postdocs may also apply). Note that financial support may be available for Latin-American students attending the School. Although the School is targeted particularly at students from Latin-American countries, it is open to self-funding students coming from other regions. Details can be found from:

FCC week 2015

Yearly plenary meeting of the Future Circular Colliders study. March 23-27 2015, Washington DC, USA.


Forthcoming events

Next 2 weeks

PH-LHC seminar
12/02/2014 || 11:00 => 12/02/2014 || 12:00

CMS, title tba. 11am-12pm, Coffee served at 10:30.

Beyond 2 weeks

PH-LHC seminar
12/16/2014 || 11:00 => 12/16/2014 || 12:00

ALICE, title tba. 11am-12pm, Coffee served at 10:30.

Flavor and top physics @ 100 TeV
03/04/2015 || 09:00 => 03/07/2015 || 18:00

Workshop, IHEP, Beijing, March 4-7 2015

Higgs and BSM at 100 TeV
03/11/2015 || 09:00 => 03/13/2015 || 18:00

Workshop dedicated to a discussion of physics opportunities for the 100 TeV collider, with a focus on the prospects for the study of the Higgs sector, of EWSB, and searches of BSM phenomena. The workshop will feature short, focused talks, accompanied by ample discussion time. Registrations open at: