2 Trillion events generated by Test4Theory

Test4Theory, the volunteer-computing project to generate MC LHC events, has reached the incredible threshold of 2,000,000,000,000 events generated since its debut in 2011. The results are sent to MCPlots, a database of simulations used to compare LHC data and MC models.

For more details, see the article published on the occasion of the 1st trillion events, in 2013.


Forthcoming events

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Data Science @ LHC 2015 Workshop
11/09/2015 || 09:00 => 11/13/2015 || 18:00

November 9-13, TH Auditorium. The field of data science produces advanced, innovative and creative methods for data analysis, pattern recognition and model inference. The Workshop will review the results form this field, and explore possible applications to the analysis of LHC data. The workshop will consist of plenary presentations, tutorials and hands-on hackathon type of machine-elearning exercises as well as directed and undirected discussion and brainstorming sessions. Abstract submission is also possible, via the registration link at the Indico page:

LHC Minimum Bias and Underlying Event WG
11/19/2015 || 09:00 => 11/20/2015 || 18:00

First general WG meeting of Run 2. November 19-20 015, Room Charpak, 6th floor Main Building