LHC Dark Matter Working Group

A new LHC Working Group has been established, dedicated to the search for dark matter. Its first goal is to harmonize the presentation of results by ATLAS and CMS, and its comparison to direct and indirect DM searches, for the 2016 Winter conferences. More details on the goals of the WG, the list of meetings, and the links to subscribe to the WG mailing list, are provided in the WG web page.


Forthcoming events

Next 2 weeks

12/10/2015 || 09:00 => 12/11/2015 || 17:00

First meeting of the Dark Matter WG, to present and discuss the proposal for the harmonization of the presentation of search results by ATLAS and CMS at the 2016 Winter Conferences. Registration open at

Beyond 2 weeks

ATLAS/CMS MC workshop
01/11/2016 || 09:00 => 01/12/2016 || 18:00

Workshop focused on the discussion of the status, issues, needs and prospects for further development of the MC generators for LHC physics. Jan 11-12 2016

FCC-hh: Higgs and BSM at 100 TeV
03/30/2016 || 09:00 => 04/01/2016 || 18:00

Workshop. CERN TH Auditorium. Registration and agenda (tbd) on: