2017 CERN-JINR European School of High-Energy Physics

The 2017 CERN-JINR European School of High-Energy Physics will take place in Evora, Portugal, 6-19 September 2017. The School is targeted particularly at students in experimental HEP who are in the final years of work towards their PhDs, although candidates at an earlier or later stage in their studies may be considered. The deadline for applications is 28 April 2017. Sponsorship may be available for a few students from developing countries. Further details are available here:


Forthcoming events

Next 2 weeks

ATLAS/CMS MC generators workshop
05/02/2017 || 14:00 => 05/05/2017 || 18:00

Workshop focused on the discussion of the status, issues, needs and prospects for further development of the MC generators for LHC physics. The event will include several tutorial sessions for codes most used by the experiments

EP-LHC Seminar
05/02/2017 || 11:00 => 05/02/2017 || 12:00

Quarkonium in ALICE: results on p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions from LHC Run 2, speaker R.Arnaldi. Council Chamber. Refreshments served at 10:30

LHC Heavy Flavour WG
05/04/2017 || 09:00 => 05/04/2017 || 13:00

WG meeting dedicated to B production. May 4, 9am-1pm, TH conference room

Beyond 2 weeks

06/06/2017 || 09:00 => 06/07/2017 || 18:00

Open meeting of the LHC Top Working Group. Registration and agenda (tba) on

Novel tools and observables for jet physics in heavy-ion collisions
08/21/2017 || 09:00 => 09/01/2017 || 18:00

Joint TH/LPCC Institute, bringing together experts on topics related to QCD jet and jet quenching in heavy-ion as well as proton-proton collisions from both the experimental and theory communities. Participation by invitation only. To apply, pre-register at

Forward Physics and Diffraction
09/25/2017 || 09:00 => 09/28/2017 || 18:00

Workshop, and meeting of the LHC forward physics and diffraction WG. Nagoya, Japan, 25-28 September 2017

Third Workshop on LHC detector simulations: status, needs and prospects
06/26/2017 || 09:00 => 06/27/2017 || 18:00

Workshop, to update the assessment of the status and validation of LHC detector simulations, the definition of the future needs for analysis work and for upgrade R&D studies, and the progress in the development of the tools. June 26-27, Salle Charpak.

Registrations at