Visit the LPCC

Information for physicists planning a visit to the LPCC

  • Application form: please indicate explicitly the reason for your visit (workshop participation, collaboration, etc)
  • Registration procedures to access CERN: if you don't hold a valid CERN access card, make sure our administrative support is notified, and they will prepare the registration prior to your visit
  • Laptop registration: to have access to CERN's wireless network, access the following url: and provide Elena Gianolio (PH department, AGS group) as contact person. We suggest you do this few days before arriving, to ensure you are connected right away upon arrival.
  • The CERN Hostel accepts reservations starting from six months before your arrival date. Other suggested accommodations nearby CERN are available
  • Useful contacts:
    • For computing issues, contact Elena Gianolio
    • For administrative issues, contact Michelle Connor

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