What is the LPCC

The LPCC collects a set of initiatives in support of the LHC physics programme. These range from the organization of Workshops, to the support of the development of event generators and other physics tools, to the development of this web page, which is intended as a portal into LHC physics resources for the whole HEP community.These initiatives include :

  • LHC WGs: The LHC working groups provide a common forum for discussion among the LHC experiments and the theoretical physicists.
  • LPCC events:
    • Workshops
    • LHC Physics Day
    • EP/PP/LPCC seminar
    • LPCC students’ lecture
    • LHC reports
  • Tools
  • Theory contacts: the list of theorists at CERN that one can contact for physics questions, MC support, BSM ideas to be pursued, etc.etc.

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