LHC HF WG: WG on heavy flavour physics at the LHC

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The WG is a forum for:

  • the study of the experimental and theoretical systematics in the heavy flavour physics programme at the LHC. This includes production, decay and spectroscopy properties of heavy hadrons, quarkonium states and exotic hadrons, as well as decay properties of tau leptons.
  • the definition of measurements and tools (MC generators, theory calculations, ....) required to address the systematics and carry out the physics programme
  • the combination of the results of the experiments
  • the presentation of the results in a way useful for the theoretical interpretation.

Dedicated subgroups, meeting in closed sessions restricted to the relevant members of the experiments, will discuss the issues related to the comparison and combination of the results including, when relevant, the combination with the results from other flavour experiments in the world. The WG, in particular, will liaise with the already established flavour averaging groups (e.g. HFAG) for matters regarding global combinations including averaged LHC data. Public meetings, with open participation, will provide input to the WG studies, stimulate recommendations concerning theoretical issues, and present for discussion the results of the WG.
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  • ATLAS: U. De Sanctis¬†and M.Smizanska
  • CMS: K-F Chen and F. Palla
  • LHCb: F. Dettori and V. Belyaev
  • LPCC: M. Mangano (LPCC contact) and G.Isidori

The following subgroups will be formed:

  • Production properties (including fragmentation fractions, fragmentation functions, production polarization. Includes also associated production of gauge bosons and quarkonium states. Associated production of vector bosons and open flavour is covered by the EW WG)
  • Spectroscopy and searches of new hadronic states
  • Decay properties (including of the tau lepton)
  • Tools (includes MC generators, decay tables)