LHC WG on Forward Physics and diffraction

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The WG is a forum for:

  • interaction between theorists and experimentalists from the LHC experiments about forward physics
  • definition of a physics programme for diffraction either using the rapidity gap method or proton tagging
  • definition of a common strategy between the different LHC experiments (special runs...)
  • discussion of the different forward detectors (roman pots, movable beam pipes, timing and position detectors)
  • application to cosmic ray physics

Dedicated subgroup meetings and more general meetings will take place every 5-6 weeks and are opened to everybody.
WG documents and meeting agendas: see links in the right menu

Steering group members:

  • Paul Newman (co-chair) (ATLAS)
  • Ralf Ulrich (co-chair) (CMS)
  • Christophe Royon (co-chair) (TOTEM)
  • Christoph Mayer (Alice)
  • Joakim Nystrand (Alice)
  • Rafal Staszewski (ATLAS)
  • David Berge (ATLAS, contact for cosmic rays issues)
  • Michael Albrow (CMS)
  • Michele Arneodo (CMS)
  • Paula Collins (LHCb)
  • Ronan Mcnulty (LHCb)
  • Takashi Sako (LHCf)
  • Alessia Tricomi (LHCf)
  • Joachim Baechler (TOTEM)
  • Kenneth Oesterberg (TOTEM)
  • Michelangelo Mangano (LPCC)

The following subgroups have been formed:

  • Low pile up and luminosity (few 10 pb-1). Conveners: Lucian Harland Lang (theory), Valery Khoze (theory), Martin Poghosyan (Alice), Tim Martin (ATLAS), Benoit Roland (CMS), Antonio Vilela (CMS), Dima Volyanskyy (LHCb), Takashi Sako (LHCf), Alessia Tricomi (LHCf), Valentina Avati (TOTEM)
  • Medium luminosity (few 100 pb-1). Conveners: Cyrille Marquet (theory), Jochen Bartels (theory), Gerardo Herrera (Alice), Christophe Royon (TOTEM), Nicolo Cartiglia (CMS), Ronan McNulty (LHCb), Paula Collins (LHCb), Ken Osterberg (TOTEM)
  • High luminosity (100 fb-1). Conveners: Rikard Enberg (theory), Antoni Szczurek (theory), Rafal Staszewski (ATLAS), Jonathan Hollar (CMS), Risto Orava