LHC TOP WG: WG on Top physics at the LHC

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The WG is a forum for:

  • the study of the experimental and theoretical systematics in the measurements of top quark properties
  • the definition of measurements and tools (MC generators, theory calculations, ....) required to address the systematics and carry out the physics programme
  • the combination of the results of the experiments
  • the presentation of the results in a way useful for the theoretical interpretation.

Dedicated subgroups, meeting in closed sessions restricted to the relevant members of the experiments, will discuss the issues related to the comparison and combination of the results including, when relevant, the combination with the Tevatron results.
More details on the WG mandate are given here.
WG documents and meeting agendas: see links in the right menu

Topics currently under discussion:

  • top pair and single top cross section measurements
  • measurement of the top quark mass
  • top quark kinematical distributions
  • t-tbar plus W/Z associated production


  • ATLAS: W. Wagner (ATLAS contact), A. Knue, J. Erdmann, M. Vos (ATLAS top WG conveners)
  • CMS: M. Aldaya (CMS contact), J. Kieseler, A. Jung, K.-F. Chen (CMS top WG conveners)
  • LHCb: S. Farry (LHCb contact)
  • Theory: F. Maltoni

Contacts for active combinations:

  • Top pair cross section: V. Boisvert (ATLAS), J. Kieseler (CMS)
  • Top mass: M. Owen  (ATLAS); S. Wimpenny, M. Mulders, M. Defranchis (CMS)
  • Differential distributions: M. Romano (ATLAS), O. Behnke (CMS)
  • Delta Phi Spin Correlations: J. Howarth, M. Watson (ATLAS); A. Anuar, G. Negro (CMS)
  • Common MC sample: M. Fenton, D. Hirschbuehl, R. Schwienhorst (ATLAS); G. Negro (CMS)
  • Harmonization of systematics: A. Knue, D. Hirschbuehl (ATLAS); E. Yazgan, E. Palencia (CMS)
  • Effective Field Theory (EFT): P. Berta, B. Ravina, L. Barranco Navarro (ATLAS); K. Skovpen, J. Wilson (CMS)
  • LHC EFT WG contacts: Nuno Castro (ATLAS), A. Jafari (CMS), E. Vryonidou (theory)