LHC WG on Forward Physics and diffraction

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The working group meets typically twice per year (once at CERN and once outside). The WG is a forum for:

  • Exchange of technical information and discussion of results between LHC experiments on their forward physics programmes. 
  • Interaction between theorists and experimentalists from the LHC experiments about forward physics
  • Development of the future LHC forward physics programme 
  • Development of a strategy for special LHC runs for forward physics 
  • Discussion of new technologies applicable to forward detectors 
  • Development of ideas for new LHC experiments for forward physics 
  • Discussion of relations of LHC forward physics to other fields (e.g. cosmic ray physics) and facilities (e.g. EIC)

Dedicated subgroup meetings and more general meetings will take place every 5-6 weeks and are opened to everybody.
WG documents and meeting agendas: see links in the right menu

Please see links in the right hand menu for meeting agendas and WG documents and other information

For further information, please contact the group conveners:

  • Lydia Beresford and Jesse Liu (ATLAS)
  • Christophe Royon (CMS)
  • Murilo Rangel (LHCb)