LHC DM WG: Dark Matter Searches at the LHC

The LHC Dark Matter Working Group (LHC DM WG) brings together theorists and experimentalists to define guidelines and recommendations for the benchmark models, interpretation, and characterisation necessary for broad and systematic searches for dark matter at the LHC. As examples, the group develops and promotes well-defined signal models, specifying the assumptions behind them and describing the conditions under which they should be used. It works to improve the set of tools available to the experiments, such as higher- precision calculations of the backgrounds. It assists theorists with understanding and making use of LHC results.

The LHC DM WG develops and maintains close connections with theorists and other experimental particle DM searches (e.g. Direct and Indirect Detection experiments) in order help verify and constrain particle physics models of astrophysical excesses, to understand how collider searches and non-collider experiments complement one another, and to help build a comprehensive understanding of viable dark matter models.

The WG activity builds on the experience of the previous ATLAS-CMS Dark Matter Forum, whose findings are documented in Phys.Dark Univ. 27 (2020) 100371 (arXiv:1507.00966).


The LHC Dark Matter Working Group (LHC DM WG) operates several mailing lists:

  • Main mailing list to distribute announcements about meetings and available documents: "lhc-dmwg". Subscribe here. Limited posting rights.
  • Mailing list for more technical exchanges related to the ongoing work of the WG: "lhc-dmw-contributors". Subscribe here (at least "lightweight" CERN account needed). All subscribers can post.
  • Other mailing lists for specific efforts can be found by searching for egroups starting with "lhc-dmwg" through the egroups interface.
  • Reach out to all LHC DM WG organisers in a pinch through the "lhc-dmwg-admin" mailing list.

The LHC DM WG documents and meeting agendas can be found following links in the right menu.

Topics currently under discussion

  • Recommendations for simple models featuring t-channel production of dark matter;
  • Connection between prompt and long-lived signatures for models with dark matter candidates;
  • Dark photon models and mapping of existing LHC DM search interpretations onto benchmarks typically used at fixed target experiments;
  • Connecting dark boson models to cosmological observables;
  • Theoretical issues for single top simplified models.

LHC DM WG organisers

  • ATLAS: Spyros Argyropoulos
  • CMS: Matteo Cremonesi
  • LHCb: Daniel Johnsonl
  • Theory: Uli Haisch and Tim Tait
  • LPCC: Michelangelo Mangano
  • Reach all in a pinch through lhc-dmwg-admin@cern.ch
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