Dark Matter WG documents

White papers:

  • “Recommendations on presenting LHC searches for missing transverse energy signals using simplified s-channel models of dark matter", CERN-LPCC-2016-001, arXiv:1603.04156

    • Ancillary material: Relic over/under-production regions for the models considered in the report, see document for details: tarred Root files
  • “Recommendations of the LHC Dark Matter Working Group: Comparing LHC searches for heavy mediators of dark matter production in visible and invisible decay channels", CERN-LPCC-2017-001, arXiv:1703.05703
  • “Precise predictions for V+jets dark matter backgrounds", CERN-LPCC-2017-002, arxiv:1705.04664  
    • Ancillary material: Data tables for distributions and systematic uncertainties available here (see document for details)
  • “LHC Dark Matter Working Group: Next generation spin-0 dark matter models", CERN-LPCC-2018-001, arXiv:1810.09420

Minutes of meetings:

  • WG public meeting, December 10-11, 2015: minutes
  • WG public meeting, June 22, 2016: minutes
  • WG public meeting, September 19-20, 2016: minutes
  • Monotop discussion meeting, October 24, 2016: minutes
  • WG public meeting, December 15, 2016: minutes
  • 2HDM discussion meeting, April 28, 2017: minutes
  • 2HDM discussion meeting, May 24, 2017:  minutes 
  • WG public meeting on scalar-mediator models and new ideas, December 18, 2018: minutes
  • WG public meeting on dark-photon models, June 22, 2018: minutes